About us

We have been dedicated to providing our customer all over world the finest spices and ingredients available from various spices Market at India. Our service does not end with a contract, it just begins with that, document handling, shipments tracking and Preventing problems are standard to us. Vidhata impex is your Professional partner in the spices business. With its wide ranging Activities the organisations is a prominent player in the export Scenario and its credentials are well known for quality and Prompt shipment. We work hard to provide constant customer Satisfaction by committing ourselves to continuous development in quality, all operations and products. The strength of our Organization lies with our people who believe in working as a Team to achieve common objectives. We are located in Bombay which is the commercial capital of India & a major Business hub for agro commodities. We, at vidhata impex believe that change in the integral part of our growth which prompts us to provide superior quality products accordingly to the ‘’changing Tastes’’ and the ‘’ changing trends’’ in the market. We maintain Transparency in all our business transactions. At any point of time we carry stock sufficient to honor orders expected to be received in the next two months. This endeavor is further held by being a fast expanding organization having godowns/ offices at various major production centers across India. Our customer has gained substantially by dealing through us. We firmly/Professionally believe that the customers are our real assets and Customer satisfaction is or final goal. We are committed to meet Customer needs by providing the highest level of services.

Our Motto is to serve ‘’NATURAL HEALTHY PURE’’ products to entire globe.